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Keystone Buses, Coast-To-Coast Buses

Keystone Bus #980 smaller version with rear doors.
Keystone Bus - side view, decal, ribbed wheels.
Keystone Bus rear doors.
Keystone Bus non-Packard version with steering handle through hood.
Keystone Bus battery holder and wagon-style steering.
Keystone #84 "Packard" Coast-To-Coast Bus 1932.
Keystone Bus with decals and rear simulated lights.
Keystone Bus top view of interior.
Keystone Packard Coast-To-Coast Bus 1934 with battery-operated headlights.
Keystone Packard Coast-To-Coast Bus with ribbed wheels and rear battery-operated tail light.
Keystone Packard Coast-To-Coast Buses front view.
Keystone Bus with battery holder and wiring.
Keystone Packard Coast-To-Coast Buses rear view.
Keystone "Ride-Em" Coast-To-Coast Bus 1938 non-Packard front, steering handle through hood.
Keystone "Ride-Em" Coast-To-Coast Bus non-Packard with battery-operated headlights and tail light, ribbed wheels.
Keystone "Ride-Em" Coast-To-Coast Buses - 2 versions of Non-Packard models, both with battery-operated headlights.
Keystone "Ride-Em" Coast-To-Coast Buses - rear view, non-Packard versions.
Keystone Coast-To-Coast "Ride-Em" Bus with Slant color hood and fenders.
Keystone Coast-To-Coast "Ride-Em" Bus with steering handle through hood and two-tone paint.
Keystone Coast-To-Coast "Ride-Em" Bus top view of interior.
Keystone Coast-To-Coast "Ride-Em" Bus battery holder.
Keystone Coast-To-Coast "Ride-Em" Bus decal.


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