The Pressed Steel Metal Toys Museum is dedicated to showing some of the many toy variations that were common in the heyday of pressed steel toy manufacturing during the 1920ís and 1930ís. The four toy manufacturers of this time period which will be showcased on this site are as follows:

    - Buddy L Toys
    - Keystone Toys
    - Kingsbury Toys
    - Sturditoy Toys

Along with the actual toys we will also show some of the known accessories that were available. The toys shown on this website have been accumulated over the past twenty plus years of collecting.

(clicking on any of the smaller pics will display a larger version)

If you know of or have additional toys, variations or accessories and would like them appraised or added to this virtual museum, please contact me at or (860) 916-7591.


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Here at the Virtual Pressed Steel Metal Toys Museum we are always looking to upgrade our collection and are willing to sell toys on this site as well as buy toys as well as trade for toys!

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